Free Dental Screening – Going Back to Grass Roots Care

Free Dental Screening - Going Back to Grass Roots Care

Dental hygiene students from Southern Oklahoma Technology Center are organizing and helping run a full day of free dental service for children and young adults in need. Spearheaded by Amber McCabe, an OU dental hygiene senior at SOTC, the day of free dental care is to be run by 12 students and one dentist and will provide free service for 75 patients age 20 or younger who do not have any dental coverage of their own.Students organized the event as a way of giving back to their local community and though the school already encourages students to participate in many community service acts as part of their normal education curriculum this event in particular was organized as an additional help to the local area. McCabe says that when she was growing up she was reliant upon community health care and free programs for all of her own dental needs and felt she should “give something back”.The day is scheduled to take place on November 21 and the dental hygiene program hopes to screen about 100 people by the end of the week to see if they qualify. If you think you may qualify or that you know someone who may qualify get in touch with the program immediately to see if you can participate in the event. Remember, only individuals that have no health care plans of their own are able to participate as this is a free cleaning and checkup for children and young adults with no coverage only.If you do not qualify for this one in particular or can not join you may be able to find another free or reduced price care center near you. There are a number of various cheap or affordable dental care packages like this that are being offered around the country and keeping updated on the latest information online can help ensure that you can find the care that you need for affordable and a quality service you can trust. Web searches [] can be easily help get you in touch with the local providers may be able to help you immediately as the case may be.

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